What You Might Not Have Known about Root Canals

What You Might Not Have Known about Root Canals

Out of the more common dental treatments that patients receive, root canal therapy unfairly gets the worst rap. You might have heard someone compare a particularly unpleasant life event as preferable to getting a root canal, but root canal therapy isn’t what most people make it out to be.

  • Root Canals Restore Your Oral Health – When you have an infected or damaged tooth, a root canal removes affected material and prevents the spread of infection and decay to other, healthy teeth.
  • Getting a Root Canal is Painless – Contrary to popular belief, getting a root canal is a comfortable procedure. Before beginning treatment, Dr. Carr thoroughly numbs the area around your tooth to ensure that you don’t experience any discomfort. Many patients equate the root canal process to the routine procedure of getting a cavity filled.
  • With a Root Canal, You Avoid Tooth Extraction – For some patients, teeth that are damaged or infected need to be removed entirely to prevent damage to healthy teeth – and choosing the best way to replace an extracted tooth comes with its own set of problems. If you get a root canal before it’s too late, the procedure actually allows you to keep your natural tooth. By removing the infected material from inside your tooth, your natural tooth structure is preserved and can remain in place.

Here’s What Actually Happens During a Root Canal:

Dr. Carr accesses the dentin (the material inside your tooth) via a small hole he’ll create in the tooth enamel. The infected dentin is removed and your tooth is filled with a kind of dental cement that helps your now decay-free tooth stay strong.

Treatment is complete when Dr. Carr places a custom-made dental crown over your tooth so your smile looks healthy and free of damage.

Do you have an infected tooth? Have you been putting off treatment because you’re worried that you might need a root canal? Dr. Carr offers root canal therapy in Temecula and Hemet to help you restore your oral health and keep your natural teeth. Contact us today if you have a tooth ache or a damaged and sensitive tooth, as these issues may need to be addressed with root canal therapy.

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