Dental Testimonials for Dr. Carr’s Six Month Braces in Temecula and Hemet, CA

“I have always hated my smile and straight, white teeth on me is a dream come true.”

“You and your staff have been my ‘make a wish’.”

“My main concern when I came in was the misalignment of my teeth. I was always self conscious when I smiled. Its been about 5 months since my first visit and my teeth are perfectly straight. I will have to get used to smiling showing my teeth.”

“The services I received here were $600 to $1000 cheaper than quotes from other clinics.”

“I am very happy. I wish I had actually come here sooner.”

“I’ve never felt more comfortable in a dental office. All of the people were welcoming and comforting.”

“I am very pleased with the results. I would recommend them to anyone.”

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