Six Month Smiles®️ in Hemet, CA

Adult orthodontic treatment helps patients whose previous orthodontic results have lapsed, or who never had the chance to undergo treatment as a child to achieve a beautiful smile. At the practice Byron L. Carr, DMD FAGD, we provide orthodontic treatment through Six Month Smiles®️ in Hemet, allowing us to correct the appearance of cosmetically misaligned teeth. What is Six Month Smiles®️?

Six Month Smiles®️ operates similarly to traditional orthodontic treatment, utilizing a combination of tooth-colored brackets and arch wires to correct the alignment of your smile. Dr. Carr performs an initial consultation to determine whether you qualify and to create a treatment plan for those who do. For qualifying patients, Six Month Smiles®️ is able to correct aesthetic issues such as:

  • Spacing
  • Crowding
  • Overlapping
  • Asymmetry

Patients come back for short appointments to make adjustments every four weeks, allowing us to gradually correct the appearance of your smile. During treatment, the focus is on the visible portion of your smile. Aesthetic results can be seen and achieved within six months of the start of your treatment.

While undergoing treatment, patients are encouraged to brush after each meal, and can clean behind brackets and between teeth with a Waterpik®️ or flossing needle. This ensures the health of your smile during treatment, and encourages the stability of brackets on the surface of your teeth.

Post-Treatment Care

As with any orthodontic treatment, patients who complete Six Month Smiles®️ need to wear retainers to prevent their teeth from drifting out of place. Depending on your individual needs, retainers can be used solely at night, or bonded permanently behind teeth. Ask our Hemet Six Month Smile®️ provider about your options for post-treatment care during your consultation.Why Choose Six Month Smiles®️

Many patients find the discrete style of treatment afforded by Six Month Smiles®️ appealing, as both the brackets and wires are white and blend with your teeth. This service is also ideal for patients who have seen minor lapses in alignment in their smiles after full orthodontic treatment and are looking for quick adjustments.

Six Month Smiles®️ is also typically less costly, and easier to clean than traditional braces due to the less comprehensive and extensive nature of treatment.

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